Who Do you Trust?

In this era of political division and partisan media commentators, where can you turn to get a balanced view on the issues affecting Central Oregon? City Club is a great place for that.

Sharing trustworthy information is a core value of City Club.  Our mission is “to build a conscious and civic minded community through dialog, education and research that results in responsible civic engagement.” We do that in monthly Forums covering topics of interest in Central Oregon. Also, once a quarter, we partner with The Bulletin to delve deeper into community issues.

We’ve learned, in our more than 17 years of existence that our approach attracts community members and leaders that care about facts, not fiction.  That’s why hundreds of Central Oregon residents are members of City Club and regularly attend our events.

If you’re a person that wants balanced, reliable information on what’s happening in our communities, attend an upcoming Forum.  You can learn more about what’s scheduled at: https://events.cityclubco.org/events. Or, better yet become a City Club member and keep up with all our activities. The place to start is https://cityclubco.org/membership/