A Message to Our Community

The events of the last few weeks and months have been difficult to bear. Grief, loss, profound sadness, confusion, outrage…we have felt an enormous range of emotions.

What we do not feel is complacent.

Racism is pernicious. We all participate, even if we cannot imagine ourselves ‘racist’. Dismantling systems of oppression will require sustained, concentrated effort within every business, on every team, in every corner of our country.

Clearly, it is a time for deep introspection and robust dialogue. This moment will test us as a community. It will strengthen us as a community, too.

City Club of Central Oregon is committed to hosting community-building conversations. And while balanced perspectives are one of our highest values, the needle has shifted and there is a new calculus we must courageously embrace if we intend to walk our talk.

We are reconsidering our forums to reach a broader, more inclusive audience. We are exploring ways to minimize barriers due to cost and timing. We continuously seek the leading edge of respectful debate on issues of urgency.

We are pushing ourselves to dig deeper.

We do this work best, together. Share your thoughts, your attentions, your questions—even if there are no easy answers. Challenge us, inspire us and please continue to support us through your membership, sponsorship, partnership, and active participation. This is OUR City Club.

We pledge to fearlessly embrace this moment of transformation for our nation, and for Central Oregon. Conversation creates community. Let’s begin.

~City Club Board of Directors


In light of recent events, City Club of Central Oregon is going virtual until further notice.

As various aspects of our community start to re-open, City Club is beginning to plan how and when we can return to in-person forums. Please know that we approach these plans with an abundance of caution and with the safety of our speakers, guests and community always the highest priority.

In the meantime, we will host virtual forums that are FREE to the public. We are committed to continuing conversations of consequence for our region. As we adjust to the new normal, we hope you’ll continue to engage and support our efforts.

Want to do more?

City Club has been deeply disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on public events. If you watch and enjoy, please consider making a donation. If you’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a member, now would be a great time to sign up. Your support during this challenging time will help ensure your City Club is ready to bring you back together—in person—for conversations of consequence that help our region thrive.


Welcome to City Club of Central Oregon

Our mission is “to build a conscious and civic minded community through dialog, education and research that results in responsible civic engagement.”


August 20 | noon

August 20 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

September 17 | noon

September 17 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


“I was new to town. City Club was a great resource to understand the issues in our community and build a network.”

Jessica Biel, Director of Business Development, Pinnacle Architecture
Dave DeRose

“City Club provides a platform that allows our great community to come together and draw strength from diversity. The monthly forums provide education on relevant topics focused on maintaining growth and sustainability in Central Oregon. In coming together, we have unlimited potential to maintain a bright future!”

Dave DeRose, Commercial and Business Banking Manager, US Bank
Peter Grube

“I value the work of the City Club of Central Oregon because it fosters thoughtful, educated conversations about the pressing issues which will shape our community for generations to come. Through these conversations, we can work together toward the continued success of this place I love!”

Peter Grube, partner, Dream Home Building and Design

“Let me tell you a little something about us [City Club]. We don’t agree on everything. We disagree on everything and that is our strength. The one thing we do agree on is civility and we agree on having the conversation and keeping the conversation going.”

Bill Buchanan, partner, Buchanan Schmid, llc

“What is most important to me about City Club is that not everyone agrees on issues. Their role, their goal is to bring people together and have the conversation  and problem solve.”

Governor Kate Brown