Being NonPartisan in the Era of Partisanship
At City Club, we host public Forums on a range of topics, for a variety of audiences. Doing that while remaining nonpartisan is like walking a tightrope, so we’ve thought an lot about how to conduct those Forums in a way that’s balanced and inclusive.

The answer, of course, is to conduct the Forums with civility. The New Oxford American Dictionary defines civility as “formal politeness and courtesy in behavior or speech.” At our Forums, we vow to treat everyone, including panelists and forum guests with dignity and respect. Striving for civility and inclusiveness has made City Club of Central Oregon a leader in responsible civic engagement. That’s why leaders from across the region join as members and meet together at our monthly forums.

So if you’re tired of hearing only one side of an issue from the echo chamber of opinion journalism, come to a City Club Forum. You’ll hear balanced conversations on the critical issues of our time, presented with a civil voice. And you’ll meet others with similar interests.

Learn about upcoming forums at or better yet become a City Club member and join with hundreds of other civic minded people to have robust, nonpartisan conversations about the issues that matter to our community. Membership starts at