When wildfire threatens communities, we see the response. Fire engines, air tankers, road closures.

What we don’t see are the countless, cross-agency, coordinated decisions that need to occur in order for the response to happen. As this wildfire response simulation unfolds, witness the hard and quick decisions incident team leaders need to make in order to protect life and property.

Facilitator Alex Robertson, (Fire and Aviation Staff Officer, Central Oregon Fire Management Service) will lead the audience through an abbreviated version of the annual simulation exercise. Like the audience, the team members will not know where the simulated wildfire will ignite or spread, or how the incident scenario will unfold.


Bob Madden, Deputy Chief, Bend Fire Department

Rob Pentzer, Acting District Forester, Oregon Department of Forestry

Nathan Garibay, Emergency Manager, Deschutes County Sherriff’s Office

Doug Johnson, Deputy Fire & Aviation Staff Officer, Central Oregon Fire Management Service

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