Membership and Sponsorship Committee

This committee focuses on increasing City Club’s memberships and sponsorships. We are looking for members that are willing to talk with potential members and sponsors about joining us.

Program Committee

This committee plans all our forums. We are seeking members that are interested in leading small teams to develop content, speakers and programming.

Marketing and Public Relations Committee

This committee focuses on City Club’s brand identity, how we can increase community support and promoting our forums. We are looking for members that can help us build public relations campaigns, develop content and promote the organization.

Board of Directors

We are seeking board members who will bring a positive attitude, personal and professional skills, time,and effort to help City Club support its mission and ensure its financial sustainability into the future.

In general, we seek board members:

  • With deep engagement in our local community
  • With drive, enthusiasm, and belief in City Club’s mission
  • Who enhance board diversity (demographic and/or of thought)
  • Who can assist in growing membership, sponsorship and financial support for City Club

This year we are specifically seeking board members:

  • With fundraising experience AND/OR the ability/willingness to ask for financial support/fundraise on behalf of City Club in the community, and/or
  • With financial management experience, and/or
  • Digital and traditional marketing/public relations expertise and/or
  • Law/Legal expertise