How Do We Deal with Solid Waste in Deschutes County?

The current Deschutes County landfill will be full in 2029. This is a time-sensitive issue for the community, as plans must be made now on how to handle solid waste in Deschutes County once the landfill is full.

The county has formed a Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) to explore two options: (a) developing a new landfill within Deschutes County, and, (b) hauling solid waste to a facility located outside of Deschutes County.

This forum will explore the pros and cons of both options. In addition, the forum will present ways the community can be more efficient with waste management to extend the life of the landfill beyond 2029 and how to maximize its economic value.



  • Timm Schimke, Director of Deschutes County Department of Solid Waste
  • Denise Rowcroft, Rethink Waste Project of The Environmental Center