“We believe Bend can be a city for everyone. We can all share in the prosperity and promise of this unique and beautiful place. We honor the people that came before us on these lands and acknowledge that the health of our community relies on the health of our environment. As stewards of the city, we are accountable to the people of Bend and are responsible for delivering excellent city services. We are committed to serving everyone equitably, creating a more connected community, and preserving Bend’s spirit as we grow. We will strive to achieve equity and justice for everyone in Bend.”

The above quote is the preamble to the 2021-2023 Bend City Council’s goals, which took effect as of July 1 of this year. How did these goals come to be? What do they highlight? How do they compare with the goals you have for Bend? And how are they financed?

Hear from Bend’s first publicly-elected mayor Sally Russell and councilor Megan Perkins as they talk about how the goals, the process, progress tracking and funding.


City of Bend’s slide deck

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