How a Case Study of Bend Cops May Change How You View Health and Productivity in Your Home and Workplace

How would you react if your seemingly-fit 43-year-old coworker died suddenly from a heart attack? For most of us, that would be a wake-up call.

When Sgt. Johnny Lawrence passed away without warning, the Bend Police Department recognized it was time to make a change.

Police officers know their work is inherently stressful. The health problems officers face over many years of emotional and physical stress have dire consequences on their health. The number one killer of our men and women in blue is cardiac arrest. And suicide rates among officers are now nearly equal to the number of officers killed by assaults and accidents.

Through the Johnny Lawrence Project, a wellness program that encompasses in-house yoga, mindfulness, functional fitness, on-duty workouts and a comprehensive health screening, Bend Police Department is helping teach its officers how to take better care of themselves and earning national accolades for its pioneering work.

The benefits of this kind of wellness program go far beyond the Bend police department. After listening to our panel, you may want to incorporate some of the techniques into your workplace or way of life.

  • Bend Police Sgt. Scott Vincent
  • R. Andrew Barram, PSY.D.
  • Dave Dedrick, MD
Moderated by Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel

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