Our forum on Cracking Open the Childcare Crisis discussed not only the background of the problem but more importantly ways that we can help alleviate the problem. To create more childcare spots and decrease the burden on families, we need to focus on:

  • Increasing training to provide more staffing
  • Support providers in business training
  • Look at ways to shift the burden of expense away from families
  • Increase flexibility in location options and regulations
  • Appreciate and respect our childcare providers
  • Shift our thinking of providers from a “babysitter” to a fulfilling career option
  • Increase the number of employers providing childcare as an employee benefit
  • Incorporate space for childcare into commercial and residential construction
  • Collaboration between providers, businesses, non-profits and parents

Interested in participating in a solutions workshop on the issue, contact us at info@cityclubco.org

This forum was sponsored by Pinnacle Architecture and SunWest Builders.


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