How philanthropy and nonprofits can share their learning and ask the question, “Is getting back to normal going to be enough?”

As Central Oregon, and communities across Oregon, grapple with the global pandemic and coinciding economic crisis, the struggles that many individuals and families across our region face to live, work, study and thrive become even more apparent. Nonprofits traditionally work to meet the needs of the community when the social safety net is not able to adequately serve those who need to secure housing, access education for their children and selves, and meet their daily needs. Philanthropy works in partnership with nonprofits to support this work and more.

As we seek to “return to normal,” what are we learning and how do we apply that knowledge? What role do philanthropy, nonprofits, as well as the public and private sectors play in creating and sustaining a thriving community for all of its members?


  • Anne George: Donor Relations Officer, Oregon Community Foundation
  • Max Williams: President and CEO, Oregon Community Foundation
  • Katie Condit: Executive Director, Better Together Central Oregon