Resiliency means much more than just surviving the shocks: forest fires, earthquakes, drought or the occasional damaging storm.  This forum focuses on the inevitable, yet uncertain challenges and priorities our community faces; and the planning and framework opportunities we can help influence now for Central Oregon to thrive and position itself towards successful resiliency. 

Over the next decade, our region will continue to grow, change, adapt and face new demands it has never faced before. Deschutes County in 2018 grew to 186,875 residents; and is projected to grow to 240,118 by 2025.  Having a strong community that can deal with these changes doesn’t just happen; it requires advance planning and preparation.

Imagine having a clear plan to achieve solar energy for everyone, responsive controls for times of severe storm and drought, and a strategy to benefit from surging population and transportation demands on social and economic levels.

In this forum, attendees will be introduced to new processes and approaches to strategic planning that will focus on opportunities to build a collaborative stakeholder community resiliency plan.  We will hear from panelists who will provide insight from the private sector (business practices from Worthy Brewing), clean and carbonless energy strategies (The Oregon Citizens Utility Board), long-range and net-positive planning (Oregon State University Cascades) and a generational perspective from the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs.

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