90,000 Hours-

This is the number of hours an average American worker will work over the span of their life from the age of 18 – 67. Within those working years, roughly 35% of your life will be spent at work, and that’s only calculated at 40-hour workweeks.

The problem is that more than 77% of the American workforce is no longer highly engaged in their work.  This statistic stays consistent across education levels, size of company, generation and industry. Imagine the impact when over 100 million individuals are waking up uninspired to go to work, and return home unfulfilled by the hours they spent that day. This lack of engagement costs companies millions of dollars each year in lost productivity, personnel issues, negative customer service metrics, not to mention the way this impacts families and communities in so many negative ways.

If we desire to realize a better future for all of us, we are going to have to think radically different from the leadership and business principles that got us to where we are today.

But there is hope, and organizations who are focusing on growing their businesses by growing their people are reporting increase across all traditional business metrics.

Join us as we discuss how to define engagement through the lens of autonomy, mastery and purpose and develop practical steps to create a highly engaged workforce.


Dave Salciccioli – Chief Development Officer, Coachwell


  • Patti Murphy – Employee Experience Director, Hayden Homes
  • Gavin Hepp – Co-Owner and Sales Manager, Webfoot Painting
  • James Barry – Learning and Development, PacificSource Health Plans
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