Why I Think City Club is Critical to Our Community

by Peter Grube, City Club Member

Thank you for the opportunity to share the important role that the City Club of Central Oregon plays in my personal and professional life. If my experience resonates with you, I encourage you to join me in ongoing support of this critical organization.

Like many citizens of Central Oregon, when my wife and I decided to put down roots, we selected this area intentionally. It offered a wonderful mix of professional opportunity, outdoor recreation, good schools, good health care and still had that certain mountain-town vibe we wanted to remain a part of. That decision was made 21 years ago, and we haven’t regretted it. This has indeed been a wonderful place to create a life for our family. 

I have always believed that if I enjoyed and benefitted from something, it was critical to be involved in protecting and enhancing that special thing. A place is not special by accident, it is special because of its people who care. People who have vision, dedication and are intentional about creating the reality they want to see. There are many valuable opportunities in Central Oregon to be engaged in this way. Whether it’s the Chamber of Commerce, Central Oregon Trail Alliance, neighborhood associations, Habitat for Humanity, or local and regional government, the list of ways that citizens can engage to make Central Oregon better is long and all receive my gratitude. 

For me, participating in and supporting the City Club of Central Oregon has provided a powerful platform for community engagement. The monthly forums have provided an opportunity to learn about, and intelligently participate in the critical issues and conversations that are directly impacting the lives of all of us here in Central Oregon. I have always found the forum topics valuable and thought provoking. It never ceases to amaze me the number of times I think a topic isn’t my thing and then I end up with valuable takeaways and connections. I routinely find myself saying, ‘I just learned at City Club that…”. 

The City Club provides critical space for all members of our community to hear and be heard. It provides a space for hard, divisive topics to be discussed in a productive and civil environment. An environment where ideas matter and intelligent disagreements can be had because the common goal is to be intentional about the future for our community. As long as the discourse is civil and the goal is for conversation to create community, all voices, perspectives and contributions are welcome. 

I don’t know about you, but from where I sit, the City Club of Central Oregon provides an increasingly rare model of productive civil engagement in a social climate that is getting rapidly more divided, confrontational and less productive. I know we all have a lot of choices of where to engage and commit our limited time and financial resources and I strongly encourage you do to so.

But if you, like me, value the fact that the City Club of Central Oregon exists today to bring our community together to shape an intentionally better future, join me in supporting the mission. Whether it’s with a personal membership, business sponsorship, donation toward the ongoing live streaming content during the pandemic, or commitment of time to the organization, it is all vital to maintaining the unique space the City Club provides in our community. 

The City Club of Central Oregon has been there for our community through thick and thin, boom times and bust times, providing valuable education, conversations, connections and solutions. Now more than ever our community needs a platform for civil discourse. Our community needs the City Club of Central Oregon. Please consider adding or continuing your support today. 

With thanks,

Peter Grube