Jim Morris
Jim MorrisChief Consulting Officer, White Men as Full Diversity Partners
Jim is the Chief Consulting Officer of White Men as Full Diversity Partners, a leading diversity and inclusion consulting firm that works with corporate leaders globally on the elimination or racism, sexism and homophobia in the workplace. For organizations to make sustainable progress in corporate equity efforts, all groups have to be involved in the process, including white men. As white male leader, Jim began his career working inside private and public education and consulting organizations. He leads the development of WMFDP’s curriculum as and consulting organization as demand for the firm’s services expand globally.
Prior to joining WMFDP, Jim was a Principal with the Bend-based consulting organization Moementum where he helped build the firm’s leadership development coaching and training offerings. He’s been an adjunct faculty at Duke Leadership and Training Associates, Virginia Tech, The Executive Forum and The American Leadership Forum. He is the author of The Five Insights of Enduring Leaders – a book about the universal leadership traits that help leaders inspire others, add value and change the world.