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The Seeds of Civility
Moving from Civil Frustration to Community Participation

Many residents of Central Oregon and beyond are increasingly frustrated with their inability to reach decision makers, find the resources needed to address issues and impact their community’s future. From land use decisions to social services, we hear frustration online and at civic meetings. This forum will explore what it takes to move from being upset about an issue to being a part of solutions. We will hear from three panelists on the following:

  • What inspired them to become involved
  • The steps they took
  • Who helped them along the way
  • What ways do they feel successful and what is next

We will conclude with a discussion of just how many ways there is to begin to engage with your community.

Registration information for attending in-person and via livestream coming soon.

Zavier Borja, Vámonos Outside and Bend Parks and Recreation Board Member
Dawn Holland, Founder and Executive Director of DAWNS House
Jasmine Wilder, Chair of the City of Bend Human Rights and Equity Commission

Zak Boone, Chief Advancement Officer & Foundation Executive Director-Central Oregon Community College

This livestream is made possible by Connect Central Oregon, a nonprofit launched with the assistance of the OSU-Cascades Innovation Co-Lab.

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