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Society’s Role in Moving Former Inmates From a Societal Drain to a Positive Contribution

“Asking for help, maybe for some, is a weakness. I know it is for me. I have that fear of being looked at. Of, I’m not smart enough, good enough, worthy enough, all those things that come with fear. I encourage people to ask for help, to make the next right decision/choice.” ~Crystal Mourlas Jaun, former felon

Forgiveness is a fundamental value to human relationships. Whether it’s a loved one, a co-worker, or a friend, providing a second chance is human nature. We’ve all done it. But what if that person is a former inmate? Does that change the story?

A study by Oregon’s Criminal Justice Commission states that 43% of inmates released from prison or have a felony jail sentence were convicted of a new crime within three years (19% recidivism). The reasons are many, but the impact is significant – on the economy, on families, and on our communities.

In today’s world of diversity and inclusion, what’s our role, as a society member, to help individuals transition back into our community. Join an open discussion with a former inmates Crystal Mourlas Jaun (Dave’s Killer Bread), Brian Dunning (science writer behind the award-winning Skeptoid podcast) and Jeff Pickens, Deschutes County Adult Parole & Probation, talk about if and how we can change patterns and paradigms that benefit us all.

Community Outreach Coordinator
Dave’s Killer Bread

Writer and Producer

Skeptoid Podcast

Deschutes County Adult Parole & Probation

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