April 28 | INCLUSIVE CIVILITY: A conversation with people of color living in Central Oregon

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Civility is a foundational value of City Club of Central Oregon. Yet, as we observed the growing division in our country, we felt the need to bring it to the forefront.

Today, we are giving our members and forum guests an opportunity to practice CIVILITY TOOLS as we focus on one in particular: being inclusive.

Central Oregon is an area that is notably homogenous. People of color are among the numbers of people moving here, so what impact does it have on them to live in a community where they don’t see many people that look like them? How we can all overcome Oregon’s history and engage the people of color in our community?

As part of City Club’s signature project on Civility, please join this timely and important discussion led by Erika McCalpine addressing how civility personally affects people of color across the area.


  • Erika McCalpine, OSU Cascades


  • Rob Garrott, LinkedIn
  • Judith Sadora, Evoke Therapy
  • Jessica Amascual, Florist and Affinity Group Specialist
  • Marcus LeGrand, COCC

McCalpine prides herself on having difficult conversations in a loving way. She hears and highlights all perspectives while respectfully highlighting the differences among people. She has the idea to show that all people are different, even people perceived to be from the same groups. She carefully selected a panel of people that chose Bend for different reasons, have different cultural backgrounds, and have different personal, religious and political beliefs. Engaging this dialogue is important because it will help people to learn that each of us has our own experience and will ideally help us to reduce bias. We also strive to control the need to put people in boxes or generalize based on physical attributes which we believe strongly contributes to overall civility in our society.

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