Bend, OR (May 21, 2020): City Club of Central Oregon opened nominations to the public for its Conversation of the Year Award. The Award will be presented later this year to recognize the community conversation that best reflects City Club’s mission, which is “to build a conscious and civic minded community through dialog, education and research that results in responsible civic engagement.”

Unlike most awards, which recognize individual achievement, the Conversation Award  celebrates the quality of the conversation, itself, and recognizes the community as the true winner.

COVID-19 has created some interesting challenges in selecting this year’s winner.  According to City Club member, Bill Buchanan, “The impact of the pandemic has eclipsed all other conversations.  But we don’t want to make the award about the virus; we want to recognize how folks have overcome this challenge to continue important community conversations.”

Buchanan, who heads the selection committee comprised of past City Club presidents, explained “Crisis breeds innovation.  So, when selecting this year’s winning conversation, we want to know how businesses, nonprofits, schools, and other public entities are innovating to communicate with their stakeholders during this crisis.  Share those innovations with us.”

Past winners include the “Westside Transect” and “Rethinking Government: Bend Charter Review”.


Nominations can be made by anyone. Nominations close August 1, 2020.

To nominate a conversation, simply:

  • Identify the conversation
  • Its key participants
  • Why you believe that conversation best reflects City Club’s mission.

You do not have to be a City Club member to nominate or win. Email nominations to, to any City Club board member, or to any past president.

About City Club of Central Oregon:

City Club of Central Oregon exists to be the top-of-mind hub for citizens and community leaders. We intentionally shape our community and influence public policy while preserving our uniquely warm and connected culture. We champion “passionately non-partisan” discussion between diverse perspectives. To learn more, please visit our website at