Submit Your Forum Proposal

We welcome your ideas. To propose a program, please fill out our Program Proposal form. Please note that Forums are scheduled months in advance. If your proposal is accepted, the forum may be scheduled for anywhere from four to twelve months ahead. If you require specific dates (for example, your proposed speaker is only in town for a single weekend), please include the required dates in your proposal.

Your proposal should include:

  • Use the Program Proposal form, outlining the proposed topic and or speaker(s). Please use the following questions as a guideline:

What specifically is the topic? Why is this relevant? Why is this topic relevant right now? What new information will the audience be taking away? If this is a panel, what specifically would each speaker be addressing? Why is the suggested speaker the best person to address that topic?

  • A biography of the proposed speaker(s).
  • Promotional or background materials on either the topic or speaker if available.
  • Contact information, including address and phone number, for each proposed speaker.
  • Ideas for promoting the program, including examples of groups you believe would be interested in attending.

Forum Selection Criteria:

Forum program selection is made by City Club’s Programs Committee, who consider the following criteria:

  • Speaker Criteria
    • Established speaking ability
    • Expertise and prominence of speaker(s)
    • Lack of “hidden agenda” or self-promotion
  • Subject Matter
    • Clearly-defined and concise subject
    • Timely
    • A topic of broad interest to members and the community
    • Locally relevant
  • Other Considerations
    • Format (panel, single speaker, debate, etc.)
    • Marketing possibilities (sponsors, etc.)
    • Source of the recommendation