2014 Annual Report: President’s Message

I remember attending the very first City Club forum in January 2007. The topic was “Reaching For the Possible: Redefining the Role of Citizen Engagement in Shaping the Future”. I left that forum feeling gratitude for City Club’s unique place in our community, enthusiastic about its future and – most of all – inspired by the ability of our citizens to convene in a way that promotes respect for each other.

Since that day over 8 years ago, I still experience those same feelings after each and every forum. As I took my place as the new president in November 2014, my mantra came to me very naturally. Inspiration. Inclusion. Collaboration.

We’ve experienced much growth since 2007, both in City Club as well as in our Central Oregon community. In 2014, City Club grew our board of directors to fifteen to emphasize diversity in a variety of areas. We are over 300 members strong and many of our members serve on one or more of our committees (Programs, Membership and Marketing to name a few). This same year (2014) was also the first of a partnership with Leadership Bend, which set us up to collaborate in the development of our emerging leaders for our region. Jamie Christman Jamie Christman 2015 Board President

I want to personally thank our board members, sponsors and volunteers who have grown and continue to keep City Club the vibrant and respected organization it is today. And, to our members, many of whom have been with us since the beginning, the club thrives because of YOU!

As always, you are encouraged to contact us with ideas on how City Club can continue to serve our region. If you’re not yet a member, I invite you to get to know who we are and why it matters to the community by exploring any number of means from: attending a forum, visiting our web and social media outlets to visiting with a member. In all, whether you’re a club member, guest, or a vicarious community recipient of this body of work, my vision is to see us all uphold City Club as a place of inspiration, inclusion and collaboration.

~Jamie Christman


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